Pur-Glue Machine

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Fast melt glue Uniform glue volume
lt is suitable for most oocasions where glue is used in the production process,and is widely used in product assembly in vanous in dustnes such as printing.packaging,a tomobiles,clothing and shoes,electronics,furritureetc.


PLC and touch screen control, can be bias control and frequency control, and standby power saving mode and working time setting function.
Precise control of glue quantity. Stable glue output and even glue application
Plate-type platen, less residual glue, fast heating speed, uniform temperature.
Uniform and independent control of temperature in each temperature zone, accurate temperature up to +2℃.
Teflon coating on the platen effectively reduces carbide and facilitates cleaning.
Large caliber hose outlet design, at the same time to meet the different quality of rubber love request
Low-temperature pump pneumatic protection, system pump overpressure protection, over-stable protection function.

Product Parameter

PUR double barrel glue machine  yunchang15
PUR fully enclosed self-cleaning glue pot  yunchang41
Capacity 5 gallons (20 liters) Empty bucket Alarm
Rubber bucket diameter 280mm/286mm Temperature control method K-Type Thermocouple
Melting efficiency 15kg/h Temperature control range 25C-180C
Rubber conveying port 2 Way Temperature error Sizes 2 "C
Voltage 380V Overall dimensions 1200*550*1440mm
Power 5kw Equipment weight 275kg
Adaptive viscosity ≤100000csp - -

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