• Diamond checkered aluminum sheet

    Diamond checkered aluminum sheet

    Aluminum Checker Plate also been called as Tread Plates, Chequerred Plate, Durbar Plate, Anti-slipping Plate, Non-skid Plate, Diamond Plate, which is flat aluminum sheets with patterns or lines raised on the surface to add friction and reduce the risk of slipping. Aluminum Checker Plate are widely used as loading floor, or used at decorative wall material as it's feature of good looking.
  • Diamond checkered aluminum sheet

    Diamond checkered aluminum sheet

    The surface is engraved with a single pattern, good processing performance, high toughness, corrosion resistance and excellent oxidation and other surface treatment effects. It has the advantages of excellent performance, clear pattern and clean surface. It is widely used in equipment and machinery manufacturing, welding structures and fields that require certain strength.
  • Aluminum Checker Plate

    Aluminum Checker Plate

    Aluminum grating is also known as aluminum lattice. It is made of aluminum panels. One side of the surface is embossed with a diamond pattern. The different patterns can be adapted to different environments and various uses. This type of checkerboard is widely used as a skid plate in commercial and industrial flooring needs, and also in vehicles such as ambulances and fireworks trucks.
  • Aluminum alloy plate tearing surface

    Aluminum alloy plate tearing surface

    5000 series is belong to Al-Mg alloy, Mg is the main alloying element in 5052 aluminum, which enhances its corrosion resistance, so it has becomethe most widely used type of rust-proof aluminum.its fatigue strength is high and its machinability is better than that of 1, 3 series alloys. Aluminum is light in weight. It has good workability and high fatigue strength with good resistance to correction even in salt water. 5052 aluminum sheet/coil is high suitable for marine applications.


    754 h114 aluminium chequered plate refers to a 5754 aluminium chequered plate that has been h114 tempered, and has properties similar to those of 5754-O aluminium, i.e. 5754 aluminium plates are fully annealed and have the lowest strength in the O state. However, 5754-O aluminum plates are changed to aluminum chequered plate by exterior embossing, at which point the tempered state is specifically called h114, which forms what we call 5754 h114 aluminum chequered plate.


    7050 aluminum is a high-strength heat-treated alloy, which has higher corrosion resistance than 7075 aluminum. and better toughness. Has a lower sensitivity to quenching
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