What are the different applications of different materials of Pointer Pattern Aluminum Plate?

The basic function of patterned aluminum panels is to prevent slippage. Our common application scenarios are buses, escalators, elevators, etc., where patterned aluminum panels are used to prevent slippage. In these environments, the performance requirements of aluminum panels are not high, and 1060 aluminum panels can meet the performance requirements. So what is the difference between different performance and application of patterned aluminum material? The following is a small series to introduce to you.


Refrigeration equipment also need anti-skid, in these environments, anti-rust performance is a key indicator, 1060 aluminum performance has been unable to refrigeration anti-skid performance, 3003 aluminum plate as a professional anti-rust aluminum plate, is the anti-skid project in wet environments. In addition to 3003 aluminum plate, 3A21 aluminum plate is also more common, all belong to the 3 series of aluminum manganese alloy plate.

5052 Patterned aluminum plate is mainly used in the marine environment.


One of the advantages of 5 series aluminum plate is that it can effectively resist the corrosion of acid and alkali environment, so 5052 type aluminum plate is the main anti-skid material in the marine environment. Of course, in the 5 series aluminum plate, there are also brands such as 5083, 5754, etc., which can be used to produce patterned aluminum plate.

What are the uses of patterned aluminum panels? There is also an application scenario, such as aerial work platform, high temperature anti-skid, high acid and alkali corrosion environment, for safety reasons, patterned aluminum plate performance is very high, 6061 patterned aluminum plate was born. 6061 aluminum plate all aspects of performance is very good, can provide a strong protection for high-risk environment anti-skid.


The above content is the different applications of different materials of decorative aluminum plate that Ketchum introduces to you. With the continuous progress of aluminum smelting technology and the evolution of the production process, the types and materials of patterned aluminum plate will be more and more, and will play an important role in more industries.


Post time: Nov-19-2020