Taiyuan: preferential electricity price is strictly prohibited in electrolytic aluminum industry

Taiyuan Development and Reform Commission and Taiyuan Energy Bureau recently issued a notice on the implementation of the stepped electricity price policy of the national electrolytic aluminum industry. Since January 1, it is strictly prohibited to implement preferential electricity price policies for the electrolytic aluminum industry.

In order to give play to the leverage of electricity price and promote the electrolytic aluminum industry to reduce carbon emission intensity, stepped electricity price has been implemented this year. In terms of setting step-by-step electricity price, the step-by-step electricity price of electrolytic aluminum industry is divided according to the comprehensive AC power consumption of molten aluminum, and the classification standard is 13650 kwh per ton. If the comprehensive AC power consumption of molten aluminum in electrolytic aluminum enterprises is not higher than the grading standard, the power consumption for molten aluminum production will not be increased; If it is higher than the grading standard, the electricity consumption for liquid aluminum production will be increased by 0.01 yuan per kWh for every more than 20 kwh. If it is less than 20 kwh, it will be calculated as 20 kwh.

Electrolytic aluminum enterprises that implement the step tariff increase must pay the increased tariff in full and on time. For electrolytic aluminum enterprises that fail to pay the electricity fee 90 days after receiving the notice of electricity fee increase from power grid enterprises, the electricity fee increase shall be paid by 1.5 times of the original price increase standard.

At the same time, electrolytic aluminum enterprises are encouraged to improve the utilization level of non-aqueous renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and reduce fossil energy consumption. If the electricity consumption of non-aqueous renewable energy by electrolytic aluminum enterprises accounts for more than 15% of the total electricity consumption and is not less than the incentive value of non hydropower consumption responsibility weight in our province in the previous year, the step price increase standard will be reduced by 1% for every 1% increase in the proportion.

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Post time: Jan-04-2022