Preservation and Maintenance of Solid Wood Floors

Ⅰ. A good job of daily cleaning work,  regular dust removal and cleaning, prevent impurities, avoid penetration into the floor surface or cracks, also can not have water stains, other,it is easy to warpe the edge;

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II. Regular preservation, every once in a period of time through the professional repair agent to the floor wax repair, to ensure the gloss;

III. Repair the damage. When there are some small scratches or abrasion, the small scratches need to be repaired.

1. Do the daily cleaning work well

Solid wood floor to do a good job of daily sweeping and cleaning work, especially if the indoor dust is quite heavy, the daily cleaning is essential.

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A good job of daily  cleaning work, is actually the best maintenance.When the surface is dusty, it can be wiped clean through a dry mop to prevent the dust from entering the surface or cracks of the floor. When mopping the floor, remember not to clean it with a wet mop,the wet mop will cause the floor to appear problems of warping and deformation, if there is fruit juice or sauce poured on the floor, to wipe clean in time.

2. Regular maintenance

Solid wood floor needs regular wax for maintenance, such as the time of every half a year to maintain the gloss of the surface, remember taking the right approach, so as to avoid the problems of cracking and deformation .

 Floor waxing needs to prepare a professional machines and tools, you can wipe the surface clean,using waxing cream or liquid directly ,and use the vacuum cleaner, wiping  with a soft cloth again.

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Wait until fully dry, then stir the floor wax mixed well. Then   daub carefully according to the texture of the floor, can not leak coating, also can not appear the problem such as uneven thickness .It usually takes an hour to penetrate the inside of the floor and dry it out, If there is a leak of coating, but also need to be fill up, If possible, you can also choose a second waxing, which can bring gloss.

2. Repair damage

Use for a long time, such as surface friction,some small scratches will appear. Encounter this problem, you can be gently polished with the sandpaper, and then dried with a soft rag. And then  wiped with walnut oil to remove slight scratches slowly.

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Ⅳ. How to clean the solid wood floor

1. If the solid wood floor is  dirty, but because of the particularity of this wood, we should also pay attention to the choice of professional cleaning equipment when cleaning.

2.About the cleaning agent,you can choose to mix it by yourself, and the effect is very good.

Prepare white vinegar 50 ml, soapy water  15 ml, and  add the right amount of clear water.

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3. Next, pour in the essential oil, choose the lemon essence oil to the mixed  solution, and you can also choose the lemon juice to replace it, which can remove the odor, also has a bactericidal effect.

4. Prepare a rag, soak it in the solution, and wipe the solid wood floor with the wet rag, and then wipe again using  an another clean dry rag , to ensure that no water stains.

5. Then open the window and blow it dry naturally, so that the floor surface will become bright, but also can remove some small scratches.

Post time: Oct-17-2022