How to view the normal floating rust and rust of 6082 aluminum plate

Most are outdoor warehouses, 6082 aluminum outdoors lying in the inevitable rush wind and sunlight. The so-called rust as the name suggests is floating rust aluminum 6082 top layer, there is a faint towel or something else, you can simply remove copper rust, not rust think that this is a normal state.

Long-term rusting of 6082 aluminum plates. For at least a year, has been exposed to the wind and sun, after rusting has size pits, which is the biggest difference between 6082 aluminum plate floating rust and rusting.

Saw the aluminum plate through the steel pipe blank section. The advantage is that there is no melting of the welding material in the welding process, no wire filling and shielding gas, no arc, radiation, fumes and toxic gases in the welding process, high degree of mechanical automation and high productivity.

Based on the many advantages of FSW, the method of developed countries such as Europe, FSW has been successfully applied in industrial fields such as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, high-speed trains and automobiles. In the marine industry, especially in Europe, Japan and Norway, FSW has become a lightweight, high-speed, aluminum alloy manufacturing process leading to the ship.

Based on the advantages of FSW’s high quality, high efficiency and low cost, this joining technology is even gradually transferred to military ships and is being more and more widely used. In China, FSW is being promoted in the shipbuilding industry through the promotion of the China Shipbuilding Industry Center and the joint efforts of colleagues in the shipbuilding industry.

At present, the application of friction stir welding in the shipbuilding industry is mainly in: the ship deck, side plates, the bottom of the outer plate, side walls, waterproof wall, bottom plate, hull shell and the main structural parts of the upper structure, helicopter landing platform, sailboat mast and structural parts, fishing vessels frozen hollow plate, etc., its application range is still expanding.

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