How to clean the decorative aluminum plate in the process of use?

Patterned aluminum panels are very often used as decorative aluminum panels directly exposed to the outside, so there will be dirt attached to the surface in the application process, so you need to do a good job of cleaning the application process for the plate. In the application of aluminum plate in the end should be how to do in order to do its cleaning work?

1, we need to choose the right detergent, such as try to use neutral detergent to clean the pattern aluminum plate, so as to avoid the use of strong detergent to the aluminum plate corrosion, resulting in aluminum plate corrosion damage to change the appearance and surface quality and performance, reduce the application of under enough oh.

2, we need to clean the pattern aluminum plate, choose the right cleaning tools, such as soft cotton wipes and so on, so as to ensure that in the clean wipe aluminum will not cause excessive friction on the surface, but also to ensure that the use of the wipe will not lose hair, or clean the dirt on the surface of the aluminum still have towel hair existence, which still will affect the decorative effect of aluminum.

3, we need to pay attention to grasp the frequency and timing of cleaning, avoid cleaning frequency is too high, otherwise to extend the life of aluminum unfavorable, also need to pay attention to avoid in the aluminum plate is still in the high temperature state cleaning, and pay attention to the time of cleaning will be thoroughly washed away detergent!


Post time: Oct-27-2020