European aluminum enterprises reduce production and expand, and aluminum prices fluctuate strongly

Overall: supply side: it is expected that the overall domestic supply will increase slightly month on month. Consumer side: in November, the year-on-year decline in real estate sales area narrowed and increased month on month, indicating that the real estate market has gradually improved under the background of loose real estate policies; The demand continues to improve, and the aluminum ingots are in the seasonal destocking stage. On the whole, the profit of electrolytic aluminum continues to improve, and the domestic electrolytic aluminum supply is expected to increase. The current European energy problem leads to the further expansion of the shutdown scale of European aluminum enterprises, which still supports the aluminum price. In the medium and long term, the supply side is still limited, the real estate policy is relaxed, the demand side is not pessimistic, and the aluminum price still has an upward basis.

If there is a purchase plan for 1060 3003 5052 5083 6061 aluminum plate and aluminum checkered sheet , the goods shall be prepared in advance.

Post time: Jan-04-2022