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What is an Aluminum checker plate sheet?
Aluminum checker plate sheets are known as Aluminum checker plate sheets due to their unique graphic appearance. The use of aluminum lattice panels can be found in construction, transportation, and decoration. Three bar, five bar, and diamond-shaped aluminum panels are common varieties. With more and more varieties of aluminum lattice panels, the quality of various aluminum lattice panels varies greatly and varies greatly. How to select a high-quality Aluminum checker plate sheet plate?

Aluminum checker plate sheets

How to select Aluminum checker plate sheets?
Nowadays, the variety of Aluminum checker plate sheets on the market is increasing and many customers do not know how to select them. In the selection, many people will focus on the thickness of the aluminum plate, but the quality of the real checkered aluminum plate is not much related to the thickness, but with the raw material of the aluminum plate. The thickness, strength, and oxide film thickness of the selected high-quality Aluminum checker plate sheet should be in line with national standards. Assuming that it does not meet the standard, it is an inferior aluminum checkerboard. Good quality products also have a good gloss, so you can also look at the gloss of the product when selecting the aluminum sheet.

Aluminum checker plate sheet sizes

Types of Aluminum checker plate sheets
1. 5 strips of aluminum alloy aluminum sheet is a cheaper and more functional product.
2. The scale of application of aluminum lattice plate is very wide, especially in the home appliance industry.
3. aluminum lattice plate, is a less common pointer.
4. Lentil aluminum checkerboard, used in some public places.
5. spherical aluminum sheet or semi-circular patterned aluminum sheet with a spherical pattern on the outside, like a pearl.
6. diamond-shaped aluminum latticework for outer packaging or pipe packaging.
7. Aluminium sheets with other pictures are extremely valuable in different fields.

Checkerboard aluminum sheet thickness

Standard Aluminum checker plate sheets
Many Aluminum checker plate sheets have a thickness of 1.2 mm or more, except for an orange-skinned aluminum checkerboard. The aluminum sheet should have outstanding resistance and the tensile strength of the aluminum sheet must reach 160 Newton/mm. If the tensile strength of the aluminum sheet is below 100 Newton/mm and the thickness of the oxide film is below 10 microns, then the quality of the aluminum sheet is open to question.

Confirm the thickness of the aluminum sheet according to your final application. The thicker the aluminum sheet, the stronger it will be. However, thickness is not the only factor that affects the strength of an aluminum sheet. The strength of an aluminum sheet is also related to the quality of the material.

The color of good raw material is very good. This is the reason why many people pick aluminum lattice panels with a good glossy finish. Those with an even thickness will be easier to use throughout the process.

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