Four side moulder VH-M518H-VH-M518HH

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VH-M518H high speed four side moulder which is 5 spindle moulder but with first two bottom planner, The rocessing of rough planing and fine planing which are carried out first to ensure the surface finish quality of the base planing. The shortest processing length is 150mm (continuous feeding), the spindle bearing adopts high precision bearing, the speed is 8500r/min, the feeding speed is up to 60M/min with the result of high processing efficiency, save the labor cost with the perfect and advantages of processing quality. It is the best choice for finger joint board industry and factories processing.

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Main Technical Data

Model parameters


Working width(mm)


Working thickness(mm)


In-feed table length (mm)


Feeding speed(m/min)


Dia.of main shaft(mm)


Main spindle rotation (r/min)


Air pressure(Mpa)


1st bottom motor(kw)


2nd vertical right motor(kw)


3rd vertical left motor (kw)


1st top motor(kw)


2nd  top motor(kw)


2nd  bottom motor(kw)


Beam lifting motor(kw)


Feeding motor(kw)


Total motor(kw)


1st spindle Dia.(mm)


Right vertical spindle(mm)


Left vertical spindle(mm)


1st top spindle(mm)


2nd top spindle(mm)


2nd bottom spindle(mm)

∮115-∮130 trimming ∮145

Roller dia.(mm)


Dust outlet (mm)


Dimension(L*W*H mm)






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There are 13 groups of in-feed rollers, which are tightly arranged to allow the smooth passage of short wood pieces.

There are 5 groups of supporting in-feed rollers in the working table.

img (5)

Seven reducer directly connected in-feed rollers, feeding powerful.

Each spindle is driven by an independent motor with strong cutting force

img (6)

Matched precision bearing is adopted at the front end of the spindle, which can rotate stably at high speed. Each spindle

is assembled in the dust-free constant temperature workshop.

Spindle speed: 8500r/min.

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Four side moulder with first two bottom planers , this structure can more effectively process the relatively distorted wood in the plywood factory, enlarge the processing scope and reduce the processing cost.

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It should be equipped with a automatic conveyor in front of side feeder in order to save labor intensity and improve efficiency

img (9)

The structure of cylinder floating feed roller is adopted under the worktable to overcome the problem of rough material feeding.

Speed of side feeder could be up to 60 m/min.

Chain of side feeder is toothed and it allows smooth passage of wood

img (10)

The sporting roller in the in-feed working table is adopted the structure of cylinder,which overcomes the problem of stuck feeding when the blank board is passing through the machine.

img (11)

Automatic lubrication is using on the outlet point on the working table,it is free to adjust the pump running time and interval time.

img (12)

During the processing,on the side of the wood products, there are multiple groups of side pressure units to ensure that the wood close to the plate feeding processing.

img (13)

The front vertical plate of the left spindle and the side pressure wheel set are all compressed by pneumatic, which can flexibly adjust the pressure and equipped with auxiliary device of short material. Effective and smooth feeding of short material.

img (14)

The front pressing plate of the top spindle is pneumatic pressing, which is more suitable for high-speed feeding

img (15)

Feeding stransducer,digital display,the feeding speed is up to 60M/min ,easy operation,energy saving,and increase wearing because of mechanical shifting.

Processing Technic

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Machine body has h high rigidity integrated

Machine body Was made of cast iron with shock absorption properties
Ensure smooth operation of cutter shaft and feed system.

img (15)

Sophisticated pressing equipment

Meticulous production, to ensure that every part is nearly perfect

img (16)

Japanese brand Four axis linkage machining center

All shaft frame, reducer and other accessories, the company is equipped with its own machining center processing, to ensure precision accessories

img (17)

Main spindle with dynamic balance test

Each spindle is tested for movement balance. Equipped with imported SKF bearing to ensure high precision and smooth operation of the cutter shaft


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