Edge Banding Machine Side Punching Assembly

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Existing Processing Methods

"One Side Hole and Operator Annual input labor cost of $61,000 per month"
"Three Processes Opening > Sealing > Side Hole
Side hole operation occupies a large area." Side-hole machine and plate storage area occupies about 100 meters.
"Waste of logistics due to multiple handling Opening>Sealing>Side hole"

magnetic levitation

"√Save one operator
√ Save labor cost 60,000/year"
"√ Two processes, streamline one process, 30% increase in efficiency
√ Cutting > Sealing"
"√ Sealing edge and punching at the same time
√ Save 100m of plant area, save 10,000RMB/year."
"√ Reduce transportation waste by 50%
√Continuous flow operation, reduce defective and wrong boards caused by spreading, improve product quality."

Product Parameter

Edge banding machine sidepunching assembly(LONG)  yunchang11
Edge banding machine sidepunching assembly(SHORT)  yunchang13yunchang14
Machine specification Spindle motor power No-load speed Machining accuracy Working air pressure Working Stroke
1400*450*650mm 2.2kw 120m/min 0.2mm 0.6-0.8Mpa 850mm
500*450*650mm 2.2kw 120m/min 0.2mm 0.6-0.BMoa 260mm

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