Diamond aluminum checkered sheet

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Diamond aluminum checkered sheet is embossed with various aluminum sheets to meet the needs of the corresponding industry. Due to the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, flame retardant, high hardness, anti-corrosion, anti rust, green and environmental protection, it is widely used in ships, cars, refrigerators, refrigerators, workshops, elevators and other places.
Diamond aluminum checkered sheet is a common style of anti-skid aluminum plate, which has good anti-skid effect
Our factory has 1060 H24 diamond aluminum checkered sheet in stock: 1.0-6.0 * 1220 * 2440mm size. For the diamond aluminum checkered sheet of special size, we can also make it to order.

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Advantages of  diamond aluminum checkered sheet

1. Low density

The density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is close to 2.7, which is about 1 / 3 of that of iron or copper. The strength of diamond aluminum checkered sheet is high. After a certain degree of cold working, the matrix strength can be strengthened, and some brands of aluminum alloy can also be strengthened by heat treatment.

2. Good conductivity

Aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold in electrical and thermal conductivity.

3. Easy to process

After adding certain alloy elements, cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained. diamond aluminum checkered sheet has light weight, high tensile strength, good elongation and high residual value. The diamond aluminum checkered sheet  can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane shape, arc shape and spherical shape by adopting the process of processing before painting. The diamond aluminum checkered sheet is formed in the factory and can be directly processed twice without cutting.

4. Good corrosion resistance

The surface of diamond aluminum checkered sheet  is easy to produce a dense and firm protective film of Al2O3, which can protect the substrate from corrosion. Through artificial anodizing and coloring, cast aluminum alloy with good casting properties or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained.

Jiangsu Kaihua Aluminum Co., Ltd., was founded in 2009. Owning advanced production equipment such as cold rolling mill, roller hearth furnace, precision saw, thin plate quenching production line etc. Our products cover various specifications and models of flat and checkered aluminum plates in the market, big five bar checkered aluminum plate, small five bar checkered aluminum plate, diamond checkered aluminum plate, and lentil pattern aluminum plate etc., and have the ability to be customized according to the quantity and size. Our company has won the titles of "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Unit", "Xuzhou Advanced Collective", "Xuzhou Industrial Park Technology Innovation Enterprise", etc. We are worthy of the giant enterprise in Chinese aluminium alloy industrial.


Our production equipment

In product testing process, we organize production testing accordance with the international standards. Through strict careful check of the production line every procedure’s self-inspection, mutual check and semi-finished inspection, finished products inspection, We ensure that every piece of Kaihua products is reliable.


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We have a large amount of spot inventory

The company cooperates closely with scientific research institutes, industry, university and research institutes to develop independently. Completed the continuous quenching production line for the entire roll of thin plates, and the quenching of the thick plate roller hearth furnace Production line, at the same time the company has multiple advanced straightening and leveling equipment, aging furnace, precision saw, surface treatment equipment, forming from solution heat treatment to surface drawing.Multiple sets of processing lines for polishing and laminating, successfully passed the "ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, products are widely used in vehicles, ships, aviation.Many industrial fields such as air, electronics, mold, etc., meet the needs of various industries for high-strength aluminum alloys.


Our packaging

Standard seaworthy export packing, with paper interleaved and plastics protection for the sheet . Finally the aluminum plates are placed on wooden pallet. Generally speaking, there are about 2 tons in one package.16-20MT can be loaded into 20’ container, and 21-24MT is more suitable in 40’ container.


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