Aluminum Checker Plate Price

For the most cost effective Aluminum Checker Plate Price, come here, we have 5-bra Tread Plate/pointer pattern aluminum plate/lentil pattern aluminum plate as well as Aluminum Checker Plate Price for all grades, sizes and rocks!

Aluminum Checker Plate Price-Diamond/Three/Five Bar Tread Metal Sheet

In the same alloy series, the price of aluminum lattice plate is about $42-112 higher than the price of ordinary aluminum plate. As the name suggests, aluminum lattice plate is ordinary aluminum plate through the embossed surface treatment process, so that its surface presents a variety of patterns, such as diamond, two bars, three bars, big five bars, small five bars, etc., so it is also called embossed aluminum diamond plate, aluminum tread plate, aluminum checkerboard, but essentially aluminum tread metal plate. In our life, by virtue of high cost performance, aluminum checkerboard price, as well as strong decorative and practical, aluminum checkerboard has become an ideal material for non-slip flooring and decorative fields in construction, vehicles, ships and other fields. It is very popular in the market !


Specific applications of Aluminum checker plate


Features and Benefits: the best choice for aluminium steps in transport sectors where lightweight is required. Increase energy saving effect.

Applications: checker board floor, such as van show floor, wooden step for bus or truck, train checkhole cover, tanker, car refrigerator.


Features and Benefits: Due to excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, no resistance such as recoating is required. Can be used with confidence for many years.

Applications: covers and floors, stairs, engine room decks, fish tanks, corridors and bridges on gangways leading to pontoon docks.


Features and Benefits : the corrosion resistance of step corners has been used for many years in shopping and tourist destinations where aesthetics are required, such as group living.

Applications: floors, stairs, shelves, gutter covers, bicycles, etc.


Features and benefits: Harmless, as it is also suitable for container species, e.g. facilities and chemical plants as well as food plants, and has excellent chemical resistance.

Applications: Bench floors and stairs, equipment/plant machinery, e.g. dynamic inspection.

Other applications

Features and Benefits: because it has many outstanding properties. Not only as material steps, but also for cases and decorations.

Applications: such as deck ladders, ladders, display cases, temporary scaffolding, marine structures.