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Aluminum grating is also known as aluminum lattice. It is made of aluminum panels. One side of the surface is embossed with a diamond pattern. The different patterns can be adapted to different environments and various uses. This type of checkerboard is widely used as a skid plate in commercial and industrial flooring needs, and also in vehicles such as ambulances and fireworks trucks.

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Kaihua aluminum manufacturing aluminum grid plate, with 5-bar Tread Plate, Lentil-pattern-aluminum-plate, Pointer pattern aluminum plate various types, aluminum grid plate is also known as tread plate, pattern plate, duba plate, anti-skid plate, anti-skid plate, diamond plate. This is a flat aluminum sheet with a pattern or line raised on the surface to increase friction and reduce risk. Slip. Aluminum checkerboard has good aesthetic properties and is widely used as a loading floor or decorative wall material.5 Bar Aluminum tyre panel has good corrosion resistance to seawater as well as marine and industrial environments. It also has very good weldability and cold formability. It is a medium-strength to high-strength alloy with a slightly higher strength than 5251, medium strength. Aluminum grating is better rust resistant and lighter than other materials and can last for many years, maintaining its high value after replacement. This type of checkerboard is in wide demand for commercial and industrial flooring.


Aluminum checkerboard has excellent anti-skid effect, widely used in refrigerator, subway anti-skid, bus anti-skid skid, large transport truck floor and other places. Secondly, 5052 aluminum checkerboard has good anti-corrosion performance, the aluminum checkerboard is used in damp, corrosion-prone places, such as freezer, refrigerator truck, anti-skid boat board, etc. It has a certain antioxidant function because it will not oxidize in long-term contact with liquid. Long-term contact with liquid will not oxidize, so it has a certain antioxidant function. Due to its silver appearance, it can also be used for mobile food carts, which is not only non-slip, but also provides a clean and beautiful visual impact for customers.

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