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7075 aluminum plate belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super hard aluminum, which is a high strength, high hardness cold working forging alloy, far better than mild steel.

  • Model: 7075
  • Temper: :T6/T651
  • Width: 1250-1500
  • Size: 1250*2500mm or 1500*3000mm
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    7075 aluminum plate has high strength, higher than mild steel, good plasticity after solid solution treatment, high strength below 150°C, and excellent low temperature strength.
    The stress corrosion performance of 7075 aluminum plate at the tempering temperature of 7075-t651 is better than 7A04. zinc is 7075 The main alloying element in aluminum plates. Adding Mg to the alloy with zinc content of 3%-7.5% makes the heat treatment strengthening effect of 7075 aluminum alloy far better than that of Al-aluminum alloy. Zn binary alloys. Plasticity under the same conditions, annealed and hardened, is slightly lower than 2A12, but slightly better than 7A04, for example.
    Due to the fine grain structure within 7075 aluminum alloy, it has excellent deep drilling performance, enhanced tool wear resistance, good The mechanical properties and anodic reaction of the metal. Currently, 7075 aluminum sheet is the metal of choice where lower density and higher hardness are required under lighter weight conditions. It is one of the most likely alloys for commercial use. It is widely used in shoe molds, high hardness molds, high end cell phone cases, thick plates, heavy forging and golf parts, precision parts and aircraft. Manufacturing.


    7075 aluminum plate has high strength and high corrosion resistance, and is now widely used in the manufacture of products such as upper and lower wings, trusses and spacers for aircraft, precision parts, golf parts, etc.
    Application of Kaihua medium thick aluminium plate
    Kaihua 7075 medium thick aluminum plate is suitable for high hardness molds, shoe molds, heavy forgings, high strength parts and other fields.

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