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5005 aluminum plate belongs to the 5 series Al-Mg alloy, but the content of the main alloy Mg is lower than other 5 series alloy plate, so its corrosion resistance is slightly higher than the 3 series alloy.

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The 5005 aluminum alloy has similar properties to the 3 series 3003 aluminum alloy, both are medium strength and can be increased in strength by cold working. At the same time, it has good fusibility, processability and formability, but the anodic oxidation effect is better than 3003 aluminum alloy, which produces oxide film. Brighter. Surface anodized 5005 aluminum plate strength will not decrease with temperature, the industry will not occur low temperature brittleness. In the semi-cold working hardening or annealing conditions, 5005 aluminum alloy plasticity is very good, while in the cold working, the strength increases, plasticity, and the plasticity of the aluminum alloy is very good. Low.


5005 aluminum panels can be used as a high-end wide curtain wall material because of its light weight, compared to the 3003 aluminum panels commonly used for curtain walls. It has excellent anodizing effect. It is also inexpensive and has very low maintenance costs.
In addition, 5005 aluminum sheet is also commonly used in the manufacture of architectural decorative parts, automotive interior materials, instrument panels, oxidizing materials, cookware, conductors, etc.

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