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The 1070 aluminium sheet manufactured by Kaihua contains 99.7% aluminium, which is the highest aluminium content in the industrial aluminium 1 series, pure aluminium. Its own advantages, such as ductility, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, are best preserved in 1070 aluminium sheet, which utilizes these 1070 The advantages of aluminum plate allow for the manufacture of structural parts with special properties.

  • Model: 1070
  • Temper: O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24H26,H28,H32,H34H36,H38
  • Thickness: 0.15mm~350mm
  • Payment term: L/C,TT
  • Material: Al 99.7%
  • Thickness: 0.15mm~350mm
  • Width: up to 2200mm (OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered)
  • Length: up to 120000mm(OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered)
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    The electrical and thermal conductivity of 1070 aluminum sheet is second only to copper, silver, and gold, and 1070 aluminum sheet is much more conductive than copper, iron, and gold of the same volume. Steel is much lighter. It also has excellent corrosion resistance, performs well against most acids and organic compounds, and is very resistant to water and air corrosion. 1070 aluminium sheet , Cannot be reinforced by heat treatment,cooled and machined to improve strength, but is less cuttable.  contact welding and gas welding are acceptable.


    Its advantages make it possible to manufacture performance-specific structural components such as gaskets and capacitors made of aluminium foil, tube screens, wire and cable jackets, nets and cores, and components and decorative parts for aircraft ventilation systems.

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