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The 1060 aluminum sheet manufactured by Kaihua Aluminum is 99.6%, 1060 aluminum sheet has very good ductility and toughness. The single production process, technology has been very mature, so the price of 1060 aluminum plate is very advantageous.

  • Model: 1060
  • Temper: O-H112; T3-T8
  • Thickness: 1.0-150mm or as requirements
  • Payment term: L/C,TT
  • Material: Al 99.5%
  • Thickness: 0.15mm~350mm
  • Width: Under 2500mm (OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered)
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    1060 aluminum sheet has great ductility and tensile toughness, fully able to meet the standard processing requirements (stamping, drawing), high forming. 1060 aluminum plate is industrial aluminum, with high plasticity, strong rust resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. Good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low endurance, heat treatment cannot be enhanced, poor machinability; gas welding, hydrogen atomic welding and contact welding. Very easy to braze; withstand some pressure treatment as well as stretching and bending.


    Hot-rolled 1060 aluminum sheet: mask nose line, soft battery connection, bus interior, auto parts, aluminum-plastic panel, signage, lamps and lanterns. Wide curtain wall, bus luggage rack/floor/pattern plate, etc. Application of hot-rolled 1060-O aluminum sheet: aluminum busbar, automobile radiator, new energy vehicle charging station, mold, etc. Use of hot-rolled 1060-O aluminum: mask nose wire, automotive heat insulation board, electronic label, soft battery connector, battery cell material, etc.


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